The Science of Fat – What Does Your Shape Mean?

by Dr. Eric Wood

body shape

It’s not exactly a surprise to hear that most Americans are overweight.

In fact, recent estimates place numbers at just under 70% of the country being either overweight or obese.

We all know this isn’t good for our health. But what many may not be aware is that it also appears where you hold your fat also makes a difference in terms of health risks. Today I’m going to explain this a little more, distinguish between the ‘apple’ and ‘pear’ shapes of body fat distribution in terms of the risks they hold, and what you can do to stay in better body composition!

2 Primary Body Fat Patterns: Apple and Pear Shapes

The two main overweight shapes that we see are the apple shape (i.e. a round midsection and belly) and the pear shape (i.e. weight concentrated in the lower half, typically around the buttocks and thighs). While both men and women can be either shape, it is more common for men to be the apple shape, if overweight. More commonly, women tend to be pear-shaped.

So, what’s the difference between these two shapes, health-wise? Well, if you guessed that typically, it is more worrying to be an ‘apple’ shape vs. pear shape, if overweight (although neither are ideal) you are right!

First of all, think about where all the fat is going. In the apple shape, it is crowding around many vital organs and body cavities that have a very finite amount of space (i.e. in the rib cage, etc.) Our organs don’t appreciate being compressed between pounds and pounds of fat and when we have a large belly as well, there’s lot of extra fat on top of the intestines. This pulls the body forward, placing more stress on the back and spine. All of this contributes to a lot of extra inflammation, often low back pain, and stress on the body.

While not ideal, the pear shape, where fat is around the thighs and buttocks primarily, doesn’t have the same proximity issue of fat crowding so many organs. While the bladder and internal reproductive organs are there, there aren’t nearly as many vital organs in these areas. This fat also doesn’t tend to put as much stress on the spine. In both shapes though, excess inflammation and estrogen hormones are created by all this extra fat (yet another reason why those overweight may need supplements like Ben’s Estro-Clear to help out).

How to Change Your Body Shape

Of course, whether you carry extra weight on your legs or more in your midsection, you want to work on getting rid of it, for many reasons. One of the best ways is to work on the diet (click here for your free Paleo Ketogenic diet). Exercise will, of course, help and so will controlling your blood sugar. So many Americans have chronically high fasting blood sugar and insulin, which massively contributes to that weight accumulation.

Don’t resign yourself to being a particular shape, unless it’s a lean, healthy one! By taking charge of your lifestyle habits and supplementing appropriately, you can literally transform before your own eyes. Your health will thank you for it!

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