The Diet To Regenerate Your Pancreas

by Ben Ong

fasting diet regenerate pancreas

According to a recent study, a fasting diet shows positive potential in helping the pancreas repair itself. But what is the fasting diet and how can it regenerate your pancreas?

Fasting Diet

The fasting diet, otherwise known as the 5:2 diet, has become popular in recent years and many people swear by its benefits. The idea behind it is that you fast for short periods of time. This is thought to help the body repair damage, without entering starvation mode (ketosis).

fasting diet regenerate pancreas

5 days of the week you meet the daily calorie intake:



2 days of the week you reduce your calories to 25% of your usual intake:

fasting diet regenerate pancreas



The fasting days can be taken at any time during the week as long as you do not take 2 fasting days consecutively.

The Fasting Diet on Mice

Pancreas use beta cells to produce insulin. Insulin is responsible for regulating the glucose level in our body. BBC News reports that research has proven that a special fasting diet can trigger the pancreas to regenerate itself. This research was done on mice which were given a low-calorie diet and showed positive improvement in Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

The mice were provided with a special diet for four days. It was a low-calorie, low-protein, and low-carbohydrate diet, but high in fat. With this diet, they were receiving one half of the regular calorie intake starting on day one. The following days, they were receiving 10% of their normal calorie intake. The researchers were able to repeat this fasting process three times ,re-feeding the mice 10 days in between. Following this they then they examined the pancreas.

As expected, the experiments showed positive results. The mice who had Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes had their insulin restored. Their insulin resistance was also reduced and the beta cells improved through regeneration. Human cell samples were also studied and showed similar results.

Healing and Regenerating The Beta Cells fasting diet regenerate pancreas

Giving the beta cells a break is very important. It is important that they have a chance to recover and one of the best methods of achieving this is to eat fewer carbohydrates. An improved diet, exercise, and a stress-free life can generally improve the health of these beta cells. According to Dr. Charles Burant, a Professor of internal medicine, another effective way to rest the beta cells is by reducing the insulin resistance. When this happens, the insulin secretion will be reduced which will be enough to maintain a normal glucose level. By increasing the insulin sensitivity, the beta cells will not have to work as hard.

The Effects Of A Fasting Diet On Beta Cells Regeneration

New research in mice proved that a fasting diet can help Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. This is the result of a study conducted by the University of Southern California. Their studies show that it is possible to trigger the pancreas to help it regenerate on its own by following a fasting diet.

Dr. Valter Longo, the director of the University of Southern California School of Gerontology said, “By following cycles of a fasting diet and a normal diet made it possible to reprogram cells from non-insulin producing, to insulin-producing. The mice who had a type 1 and type 2 diabetes at terminal stages were treated pancreatic cells regeneration were activated. The insulin production pancreatic cells of Diabetic patients also showed the same results.”

Furthermore, Dr. Longo believes that these findings show a huge potential of diet as a means of reversing the symptoms of Diabetes. This is one way to reboot the body because it can slow down ageing and also help to regenerate new cells.

fasting diet regenerate pancreas

Fasting Diet in Humans with Diabetes – Is It Effective?

This research was for an animal study. The fasting diet on mice models of diabetes showed positive results. Overall, researchers were able to prove that the insulin secretion was restored. The insulin resistance, as well as the beta cells, can be regenerated. But despite the fact that the results are showing a huge potential for diabetics, further research is needed for its human effectiveness.

The researchers warned individuals NOT to try this on their own at home. Do not make any drastic changes to your diet just yet without consulting your healthcare provider. Remember that abrupt changes to your regular diet can result in severe health complications.

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