Bens Diabetes Affiliates Program

About Our Affiliate Program

The Bens Diabetes Affiliate Program is one of the highest converting and highest paying affiliate programs in Clickbank. Bens Diabetes is a sub brand of Bens Natural Health. We are a premium natural health brand that specialises in treating metabolic conditions using all natural methods.

We are currently offering affiliate commissions on our best selling Diabetes health guide called:

“How To Reverse Diabetes Fast: The Ultimate Guide” 

This is currently the most comprehensive, scientifically-backed program for reversing diabetes naturally. We cover all aspects of the diabetes treatment giving the client a complete protocol that delivers PROVEN RESULTS

Our affiliates love us because we provide them with all the marketing materials they need to successfully sell our products. From pre sell articles, emails, graphics, blogs, sales letters, and detailed advice on how to promote this product, we ensure our affiliates have all the tools and resources to help them make more sales and earn more commissions. The marketing materials we provide have a proven track record. They are the best performing ones based on countless split tests tested on different traffic sources.  If there is anything else you need, simply let us know by emailing [email protected]

Highest Converting…

Because we have a dedicated online marketing team involved in continually testing the latest marketing strategies and implementing them on our site. We boast excellent conversion rates for this product (8%) from diabetes and health lists while maintaining very low refund rates (less than 2%, *please email us for proof).

Highest Paying…

Because we offer you 75% commission for every download edition you sell for $19.95.

The third factor that makes the Bens Diabetes affiliate program work so well for our affiliates is that the type 2 diabetes already has a huge market and people are actively looking for a solution.

According to the American Diabetes Association more than 37 million people in the US living with Type 2 Diabetes and another 3,835 are diagnosed every day. Not to mention the 84 MILLION Americans that are pre-diabetic which is a major pre-cursor and if untreated will lead to type 2 diabetes. Majority of these people might be taking harmful pharmaceutical drugs to mask the symptoms or undergo invasive surgeries that come with nasty side effects. Our mission is to help educate men and women to defeat their diabetes using all natural, safe methods without drugs and without any side effects! 

How Much Will You Make?

The Bens Diabetes Affiliate Program offers you industry leading commissions on all sales. If the customer doesn’t purchase on the first visit, Clickbanks’ sales tracking cookie is active for up to 90 days and we run regular email promotions to ensure potential sales are cleaned up and affiliate commissions made.

How To Reverse Diabetes Fast [Download Edition] = $19.95 | You take approx. $14.96 per sale (after Clickbank fees)

Let’s just do the maths…

Sales Per Day Monthly Income Yearly Income
1 $448.80 $5,385.60
5 $2,244 $26,928
10 $4,488  $53,856

Who Pays You?

Clickbank does. is the most trusted 3rd party Affiliate Program manager on the Internet! Checks/Wires are sent out Weekly or Bi monthly and are always on time.

Once you’ve signed up for a Clickbank account, you can log in and see your hops (how many people you’ve sent to our site), order form impressions, sales and commission payments all in real time! Plus they have an excellent affiliate support team to help you

The Facts

  • Our refund percent has never exceeded 2.59% Compare that to any other competing site in our niche.
  • We only use ClickBank for our affiliate program, and the landing pages provided are exclusive to clickbank affiliates to ensure our affiliates are paid without any attribution issues. 
  • We have been selling natural health products since 2000 and still growing strong!
  • We send follow up emails and have retargeting campaigns that direct the customer back to our site to educate them and buy our products.
  • You get credit for the sale up to 90 days after your referral! So you don’t always have to push for the sale in the same session.
  • Our customers love us. They write us thank you emails everyday! You can feel good about the product you are promoting and the money you make because you are helping men and women get rid of their diabetes naturally and restore their health without harmful drugs, surgery or any side effects!

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*We are not affiliated with the ADA or WDF, logos are solely displayed to reflect that our guide is based on scientific evidence provided by them.